A proven method for building a strong PPC account team

What’s the ideal structure for a team managing a PPC account? Columnist Jeff Baum shares the benefits and potential pitfalls of his agency’s “team of teams” approach to account management.

As director of services at an agency, one of my main responsibilities is creating account teams for new clients and making sure existing teams are properly resourced. At Hanapin Marketing, we staff account teams according to the philosophy of available capacity, and we believe that achieving the best possible fit is the first step towards building a solid client relationship. As the saying goes, “Get the people right, and the rest takes care of itself.”

A powerful way to staff up larger accounts is what we call the “team of teams” approach. The purpose of  a “team of teams” is to ensure account managers have proper support so they can focus on strategy creation and have the resources needed to handle the implementation. Each individual within the team of teams has a specialized area of expertise — hence they are a part of that specialized “team” as well as the account team — and each person has clear responsibilities.

Today, I’m going to share how we go about building a team of teams, the benefits of this approach and some of the potential pitfalls that can be a threat to efficiency and effectiveness.

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